More Shakedown Lawsuits That Enrich Trial Lawyers

Prop 37 creates a whole new category of shakedown lawsuits allowing lawyers to sue family farmers and grocers without any proof of harm. Faced with shakedown lawsuits, grocers and farmers can either pay to settle or pay the high cost of defending themselves. Either way, lawyers get rich, but consumers pay higher grocery bills and taxpayer costs.  And it’s no surprise that the lawyers who stand to gain if Prop 37 passes are involved in the campaign that’s pushing it.  Source: Prop 37, Section 111910(a) and (b) and Section 110809.4

Find out more about the trial lawyer who wrote Prop. 37.

Wife of notorious trial lawyer Bill Lerach contributed $25,000 to Prop. 37.

Tom Scott, executive director of CA Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse says to “beware of trial lawyers lurking in your food.”

The Daily Caller, 08/14/12, California’s Prop. 37: A feast for lawyers

Reason, 08/14/12, California Initiative Puts Profit Ahead of Science


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