Auto Insurance Discount Quotes – How to get? Tips And Tricks.

Being a recovering car fanatic who’s bought and sold eight different cars literally in the past ten years, I have come to appreciate intricacies of obtaining a good deal. The cost of car insurance is one of the most vital things that vehicle owners skip thinking about when they are planning to a buy fancy European automobile.

This is absolute dollar level, car that is worth $50,000 driving can cost individuals somewhere around 2000$ to 3000$ per year based on your record. Car insurance becomes a big deal at four to six percent of annual car cost of yours. Here, irony is that if you buy cheap cars, you generally have to pay higher car insurance as the percentage of total cost. On one good day, his worth can be 5000$ if electrical gremlins are not flashing on dashboard. Instead of going into much details of what plan entails for my car insurance, I roughly pay 80$ monthly or 960$ yearly. 960$ is cheap as compared to 2$-3000$ in 50,000$ example given above but 960$ is whopping 19.3% of my total car value each year. Within just 5.5 years of span, I have invested insurance not more than value of my car itself!\

Hence, great irony is driving costly car holds better value for insurance dollar money of yours. My point also explains that driving car comes with several other expenses in addition to maintenance and gas. One such big expense is car insurance that is why it becomes vital to try as well as save to maximum possible extent.

Given below are some tips on how one can find discounts on auto insurance as well as make maximum out of them:

  1. Be a good driver- the best way of keeping insurance premiums of yours low is by having a clean driving record.
  2. Select safe vehicle- several insurance agencies provide discounts especially to policy holders who are driving cars with commendable safety records.
  3.  Drive less- taking public transportation or joining car pool will help in reducing number of miles that one drives every year that in turn will reduce premium rate significantly.
  4.  Study hard- for full-time students having B average or higher, Good Student Discount is worth. Discounts are also available for defensive driving classes or continuing education.
  5.  Insure all cars on same policy- Maximum insurance providers apply multi-car discounts to every year when your car gets insured.
  6.  Equip vehicle with maximum safety features-While selecting optional safety features on new vehicle or adding them to used car- premium rates can be reduced. Discounts will be provided for car alarms, air bags, automatic seat belts, anti-lock brakes, and anti-theft devices.
  7.  Make use of garage- you need to clean your garage as well as move your car into it. Those who are staying in city can rent garage. Your premium rates will be reduced as your vehicle would be less exposed to crime and elements.
  8.  Insure car and home with the same company- you will get discounts on your home as well as car insurance if your purchase insurance for both from the same company.
  9.  Check with employer- there are few employers that offer workers the benefits of group auto insurance. These usually come with lower group rates so you need to take advantage from your coordinator.
  10.  Search for professional discounts- work that one is doing can entitle them to discounts on car insurance rate. Several insurance providers offer discounts to drivers who tend having fewer accidents. Some of these include doctors, teachers, scientists, and engineers. In case insurance company of yours is not offering such a discount, go for professional associations. There are many who sponsor car insurance programs for their members.
  11.  See whether or not your company is offering renewal discount- there are many vehicle insurance providers who offer discounts to drivers staying with them for extended time period. Check if you are one among them.
  12.  Check payment plan- there are few providers that offer discount if you pay in lump sum or through automatic deductions from checking account of yours.
  13.  Remember asking- don’t simply assume that insurance provider of yours will apply automatically all discounts that customers are entitled to. There are times when one needs to ask them for it. Take a look at Declarations Page provided in insurance policy of yours to check what all discounts have been mentioned in your policy. You can call the company or visit their online site to see if others are there.



So, you have it here, some tips that can save good money for you on auto insurance. Just like purchasing car, it is worth shopping around as well as comparing rates always. At the day’s end, you at least wish protecting yourself from scenario disasters and have liability. Enjoy safe driving!

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