AIG Homeowners Insurance Reviews

AIG is one the well renowned publicly traded insurance companies across the globe. Being structured as a holding company, the corporation has its headquarters in New York City while having a respectable presence not only across the United States, but internationally as well. When it comes to international business operations and insurance offerings, AIG accounts as a world leader as it operates across over 130 jurisdictions and countries through a network of more than 100 foreign and US-based subsidiaries.

As of now, the company’s General Insurance offerings consist of the largest underwriters in the US which provide both industrial and commercial insurance. Other notable features of the company’s insurance include an extensive international network of property-casualty, insurance operations for mortgage guaranty, high-net-worth customers, as well as a business of personal lines which mainly focuses on auto insurance.

The reasons why AIG excels in almost all of its services are its innovative approach towards insurance solutions, sheer underwriting skill, responsive handling of claims, superior structure, and financial strength. With its claims operation, AIG provides its customers with access to an expansive worldwide network which consists of dedicated legal firms and top experts.

Brief History

The earliest evidence of AIG dates back to 1919, when a company known as American Asiatic Underwriters was established thanks to the efforts of Cornelius Vander Starr. The company operated in Shanghai, China initially, the place where it was originally founded. However, in 1939, it was relocated to NYC. A few years later, the company’s operations expanded internationally into markets across the world. In the 1960’s, the company finally came to be known as AIG when a unifying umbrella organization was formed in order to keep all of the subdivisions intact.

Simply put, the company’s operations mainly branched out due to the dedicated efforts of C.V. Starr in 1919 in Shanghai. American Asiatic Underwriters was successful in establishing a variety of subsequent consolidations and acquisitions of life, as well as casualty and property insurance providers across the globe.

Insurance Products

The subdivisions of AIG serve several purposes, but are mainly known for their institutional, individual, and commercial offerings for casualty and property insurance, financial services, life insurance, asset management services, as well as retirement services. The main areas of the company’s business are as follows:

  • General Insurance (commercial, personal, and industrial offerings for casualty and property insurance along with services for mortgage guaranty)
  • Financial Services (group and individual life insurance, plus variable and fixed annuities)
  • Asset Management (services for capital markets, consumer finance, insurance premium finance, and aircraft finance)
  • Retirement Services and Life Insurance (retail, private, and institutional fund management)

Homeowners Insurance

AIG provides homeowners insurance which offers coverage for contents replacement, backup of drains and sewers, added living expenses, rebuilding expenses, options for cash settlement, landscaping insurance, damage due to domestic pets, and business property with an option of deductable up to $100,000. The company also provides a private client protection unit for wildfire to the people living in areas which are prone to wildfires.

AIG Homeowners Insurance Customer Service Info:

File a claim with  AIG Homeowners Insurance, Customer Service / Support Phone Number : 

  • NA

Get a free AIG Homeowners Insurance quote online:

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Phone number for AIG Homeowners Insurance quote:



Aegis Security Home Insurance Reviews | Quotes | Claims Customer Service Support Phone Number

Aegis Security Insurance was established in 1977 and has ever since been one of the leading stock companies. The company currently deals with Fire and Casualty insurance products along with several other types of offerings in the insurance industry. As of now, Aegis Security has a net surplus of over $34 million. Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the company also operates a branch office which is located in Tampa, Florida. Aegis Security Insurance is a subsidiary of its parent company, Aegis Security, Inc.

The president of the company is Darleen Jane Fritz, with Deborah Anne Good and William Joseph Wollyung Iii seeing over proceedings as the secretary and the treasurer respectively. Some of the notable insurance offerings of the company include plans for health, boat, home, auto, and business. Aegis notably comprises of companies and specialist divisions that deal with everything regarding pensions, insurance needs, and investments. These services are available for both corporate and private clients.

Aegis Security Insurance works as a multiple line specialty writer of travel trailers, manufactured homes, special-value dwellings, motorcycles, and other types of specialty insurance plans. The company writes owner occupied, tenant occupied, rental, single and multi-sectional, as well as seasonal manufactured property insurance for well-maintained and lower-valued households.

The insurance company is also involved in underwriting payment, performance, maintenance bonds, bid, and supply for contractors both small and medium sized. Other involvements of the company include permitting, miscellaneous bonds, writing surety bonds for commercial purposes, and licensing for their surety customers. Additionally, the company provides services for claims settlement. All selected insurance plans in the company’s selection can be found through their wide network of point-of-sale and general dealer agents available throughout the country.

Insurance Products

The products offered by Aegis cover a full spectrum of insurance policies and solutions. The main product in the company’s selection is their household insurance which is also offered by some of the well renowned insurance providers. The fact that the insureds are protected by Lloyd’s underwriters also adds to Aegis Security’s household insurance’s benefits. Moreover, Aegis provides their clients with independent impartial advisory. This is all due to their wealth of experience dealing in general insurance. Prospective customers can find out the Online Quotation form for household insurance on the company’s website.

General Insurance is precisely arranged thanks to Aegis Policies, a trading style adapted by Aegis Insurance Brokers Limited. This wing operates as an appointed agent assigned under Butcher, Robinson & Staples International Limited. This company also happens to be a well known GISC member. Furthermore, Independent Financial Advice is provided through the services of Aegis Financial Services Ltd., which is FSA regulated. All in all, Aegis Financial Services Ltd. and Aegis Policies are subsidiaries which are wholly owned and looked over by the parent company Butcher Robinson & Staples Holdings Limited.

Customers looking for home insurance can be facilitated by the company’s household insurance offerings that cover a full spectrum of policies. The online quotation form can also be of utmost assistance in this regard.

Aegis Security Home Insurance Customer Service Info:

File a claim with  Aegis Security Home Insurance, Customer Service / Support Phone Number : 

  • Toll Free: (800) 233-2160
  • In Pennsylvania: (717) 657-9671
  • Facsimile: (717) 657-0340

Get a free Aegis Security Home Insurance quote online:

  • NA

Phone number for Aegis Security Home Insurance quote:


Aegis Security Insurance Company
2407 Park Drive
PO Box 3153
Harrisburg, PA 17105-3153
      General Questions: [email protected]


      Claims Questions: [email protected]


      Billing Questions: [email protected]


    Web Site Questions: [email protected]

Facebook Phone Number

One website gave out 650-543-4800 this number as the facebook phone number. But the people who called it did not get any response. There was just a recorded message that there is no customer service / support number for contacting facebook team. We are trying to find out the best way in which contact can be established with facebook support so that users can resolve their issues quickly. So if anybody knows any facebook phone number please do share with us.

But for social website companies like facebook it will be very difficult to maintain a support system as the users would start calling on even small matters. And it will be also a big invitation for hackers, scam and prank artists. So at present email and their support pages are the best options for providing their users with the required support.

It is also very reliable for the users to get help as they are able to elaborate their problems in a proper way using an email. If you have found some other way to contact facebook team which is better than which are presently known to other users please share with us using the comment option.

T-Mobile Customer Service Number – Best Customer Service Phone Numbers to reach T-Mobile Customer Rep. and Live Chat

T-Mobile Customer Service Number listed below are the best numbers that can be used to reach a live customer service representative. T-Mobile customers can also chat with a live person.

T-Mobile Customer Service Numbers

Prepaid agents from 4am to 11pm PT

Calling from a T-Mobile phone: Call 611

Calling from another line?

Call 1-877-746-0909 (3am to 10pm PT)

Automated Customer Care available 24/7

Pay in Advance (prepaid) account?

To activate, customer call 1-877-778-2107
To manage, customer call 1-877-778-2106
To refill, customer call 1-877-720-5195

TTY for hearing and sight impairment
Call 1-877-296-1018 (TTY available 5am to 10pm PT)

Live Chat

Click Here


Who’s T-Mobile

T-Mobile International AG basically is the holding authority for the Deutsche Telekom AG’s wide mobile communication subsidiaries residing outside Germany. It is located in Bonn in Germany with its subsidiaries operating LTE, UMTS, and GSM based cellular networks in US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, United States, and Europe. This company is having financial stakes in both Eastern and Central Europe mobile operators. T-Mobile brand can be found in nearly eleven European regions namely US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, United States, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Poland, Netherlands, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Austria. Globally, the T-mobile international subsidiaries are having total of nearly 230 million subscribers. This total will reach 250 million subscribers by 2014 end. T-Mobile International is the 15th largest mobile phone service provider in terms of subscribers and 4th largest multinational after Spain’s Telephonica, India’s Airtel, and UK’s Vodafone.


First mobile communication services in Germany were radiotelephone systems operated and owned by state postal monopoly called Deutsche Bundespost. First generation analog C-Netz was launched in 1985 that was the first real mobile phone network in Germany. It was on 1st July, 1989 when West Germany re-organized as well as consolidated Deutsche Bundespost and telecommunication into one single unit called Deutsche Bundespost Telekom. 1992, July 1st, it started operating the first GSM network in Germany in addition to C-Netz as DeTeMobil subsidiary of it. D-Netz was GSM 900 MHz frequency band and it was named as service D1 by Telekom; private consortium awarded 2nd license chose name D2. Deutsche Telekom was the new name given to Deutsche Bundespost Telekom in 1995 as well as started privatized in the year 1996. In that same year, DT started branding its subsidiaries with T-prefix renaming DeTeMobil’s T-mobil subsidiary. In the year 2002, DT consolidated international operations of it hence anglicized to T-mobile from T-mobil. On 2010 1st April, T-Mobile and T-Home German operations merged forming entirely new DT subsidiary called Telekom Deutschland GmbH. In Germany, T-Mobile brand got discontinued as well as replaced with Telekom brand. Still T-Mobile brand is being used outside Germany markets. T-Mobile UK in 2010 became joint venture part with UK mobile-network provider France Telecom, Orange (UK). Two companies combined making UK’s largest operator of mobile-network known as EE. In spite of joint venture, Orange and T-Mobile brands continue co-existing in the UK market.

MetroPCS Pay Bill – MetroPCS Payment Options Online

MetroPCS Pay Bill service have several different options to pay bill online. MetroPCS customers can choose either express pay to make one time payment or setup an AutoPay option to automatically pay their bills each month.

MetroPCS Pay Bill Options

MetroPCS Express Pay: This is the easiest and the quickest option to pay bill. MetroPCS customers can make a payment without setting up an account, but can only make one time payment. Express Pay does not support storing your payment information for future use. Click here to make a payment.

AutoPay: The most efficient way to pay bill is through MetroPCS AutoPay option. Customers can setup their payment information to automatically pay bill on a monthly basis. AutoPay can be setup through MyAccount under eWallet on MetroPCS

My Metro App: Customer can pay bill through official MetroPCS app known as My Metro App. Pull up the smartphone and download My Metro app from the app store. Enter payment information to pay bill easily on the go.


PECO Bill Pay – Learn How to Pay PECO Bill Online, Phone Number or Mail

PECO offers several bill pay options to it’s customers. PECO customers can pay their bills through online third party website Bill Matrix or over the phone, or can mail their payments.


Bill Pay by Phone

Residential and Business Customers:

Bill Pay Online

PECO Customers can pay bill through a third party website BillMatrix $2.35 processing fee will be applied to final payment by BillMatrix


BillMatrix Bill Pay Requirements:

10 digit account number printed on PECO monthly bill

If paying with bank account, PECO customers need bank routing number and account number from the bank.

BillMatrix will only accept credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Star, Pulse, NYCE and Accel.

BillMatrix apply maximum limit to the monthly bill amount.

There’s also limitation on the number of payments that can be made with credit/debit cards in a month.

Online payments received on or after 2 pm or on the weekends will be posted on the next business day.

Indian Restaurants – 10 Best Indian Restaurants for Indian food in the USA

Do you love spicy food? Do you like to try different flavors, something different from just the plain old salt or sugar. Are you tired of the American food industry feeding you bunch of pure salt and sugar? Do you know there are plenty of spices available on earth that can make your food delicious and flavorful? Try something different? Well, then, Indian food is your best choice of food. Within the USA, there are plenty of goood.. restaurants to change your taste of food. The sheer number of Indian Restaurants from New  York to L.A. will blow your taste buds.

Below you’ll find the 10 best Indian Restaurants all over the USA:

  • Dhaba Indian Cuisine

108 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016
Phone number (212) 679-1284

Dhaba Indian Cuisine restaurant is known for it’s North Indian food. New York vegetarian crowd go nuts for Dhaba Indian Cuisine restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the vegetarian crowd though, this restaurant also have some great chicken on the menu. The top three items to try are: Kadai Bhindi, Murgh Jalfrezi (chicken) and Saag Paneer

  • Samosa House and Bharat Bazaar

11510 W Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90066
Culver City

As the name suggest, Samosa House and Bharat Bazaar restaurant is known for it’s samosas! If you ever visit L.A. Samosa House restaurant is the place to go for some spiciness. Samosa House have delicious samosas, pakoras, chaats, lassis and combo meals. Try their combo meal with pakora and lassi or go for the samosa chaat.

  • India House Restaurant

59 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60610
b/t Dearborn St & Clark St in Near North Side

India House Restaurant in Chicago is also known for it’s Samosas. India House restaurant offers lunch buffet where people can try everything on their menu. So, whenever you are in the windy city of Illinois, go to India House restaurant for some spicy samosas, lunch buffet and their soft garlic naan. Want something sweet? Try the Gulab Jamun.

  • Bombay Pizza Co.

914 Main St
Ste 105
Houston, TX 77002
Fourth Ward, Downtown

Have you ever tried an Indian pizza? Well, if you’re in Houston, Bombay Pizza Co. restaurant should be the one to try. Saag is the best North Indian recipe. How about having the best North Indian curry on a pizza? Try the creamy Saag Paneer pizza from Bombay Pizza Co. Other delicious pizza you can try are Gateway to India and Sonu’s Rita veggie pizza.

  • Ekta Indian Restaurant

250 E Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Pennsylvanians brace yourself for the almighty spiciness! Ekta Indian restaurant offers irresistible choices of chicken. The two best chicken to order are Chicken Tikka and Kadai Chicken. If you’re a vegetarian, try Saag Paneer. You could also go for the Samosas and Garlic Naan.

  • India Oven

1315 S Gilbert Rd
Mesa, AZ 85204

India Oven Indian restaurant in Mesa offers a full range of dinner. Try their Chicken Tikka Masala, Basil Mint Chicken Curry, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Vidaloo. At this Indian restaurant, you could also go for dinner buffet, which is only $10. Most Indian restaurant offers only chicken as the meat option, but at India Oven you can find lamb and goat meat as well.

  • India Palace

8474 Fredericksburg Rd
Ste 100
San Antonio, TX 78229
Medical Center

India Palace is another great Indian restaurant in Texas. Most popular food items on the menu are Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, Naan. If you’re looking to try something sweet, go for their mango custard and rice pudding. India Palace also offers lunch buffet at great price. So if you’re in San Antonio and looking for an Indian restaurant, give India Palace a try.

  • Punjabi Tandoor

9235 Activity Rd
Ste 111
San Diego, CA 92126
b/t Clayton Dr & Padgett St

The best North Indian restaurant in San Diego, hands down. Just as other great Indian restaurants in USA, Punjabi Tandoor best dishes include Chicken Tikka Masala, Malai Kofta, Lamb Vindalu, Chicken Makhni and Saag Paneer. This is a must go Indian restaurant in San Diego.

  • Cosmic Café

2912 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75219
Oak Lawn

Cosmic Cafe is not your typical Indian restaurant. You’ll find not just  North or South Indian food but also Himalayan/Nepalese food. Dishes to try at this Indian restaurant are Pizza Mystica, Portbella Tranc, Samosas and Buddha’s delight. Another great Indian restaurant in Texas!

  • Kabab and Curry’s

1498 Isabella St
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Try Kabab and Curry’s in San Jose for some great North Indian cuisine. Kabab and Curry’s offers lunch buffet which includes Chicken Tandoori, Palak Paneer and Naan.

If you have suggestion for new Indian restaurants to try, please let us know in comments below!

Buy Price / Cost Cheap Discount Kobo Arc 10 HD Review Specifications

Kobo Arc 10 HD Review

As the technology grows faster and faster, there are newly invented gadgets that will surely capture the hearts of today’s generation. The Kobo Arc 10 HD tablet will surely receive a different kind of popularity especially to students or to persons who loves to use gadgets for some purposes.

Product Features

Kobo Arc 10 HD has its special features which will surely convince you to have it at your hand. This tablet has its personal touch with Android because of the reader-geared software. It has three main screens that includes the traditional Android screen, dashboard for the Reading Life, and last is the Collections menu. This tablet offers you full access to the Google’s Ply Store. It has also the customizable app bar that can be found at the Android home page and at the Reading Life dashboard, which enables you to have an access on your favorite apps.

Pros of Kobo Arc 10 HD

Kobo Arc 10 HD is a perfect gadget most especially if you are fond of reading like the e-book. This tablet will give you too much fun while you are reading because while reading you can also watch videos. Through the customizable app bar, you will not take too much time because it helps you to have a quick access on your favorite apps. And because it has 3 main screens, you can easily get connected with your favorite apps.

The Reading Life Dashboard has displays that enables you to overview your previous reading activities. The personalized recommendations, recently read books as well as the completion time will be previewed. Kobo Arc 10 HD has also the Collection Menu where you can make folders in order to save magazines, books, websites, videos and other. If you want to add new items, you just have to highlight the item that you want to add. You books and your magazines are sorted automatically based on their respective categories.

You will not find any difficulty if in reading you met concepts or key terms that are unfamiliar to you because if the word has an underline, you just have to tap it and you can now gather more information about it.

Cons of Kobo Arc 10 HD

Arc 10 HD looks like an average tablet however if you are going to use it you will still be amazed because it can be used easily and you will have quick access on your favorite apps. It’s a bit heavy but then you can always use it handy. It’s heavier than other tablet but then your fingertips will get too tired sliding it because it is very soft to touch.


The Kobo Arc 10 is a good choice if you want to have a tablet. You will enjoy reading books and you will also have an easy access if you want to visit your favorite apps. You will not get tired of scanning your book because of this tablet. It is very comfortable to be used and it will rest your hand from holing very heavy books just to read something. You can bring it at any place that you want. Purchase now this tablet and enjoy reading your favorite stories and other pieces.


Buy Price / Cost Cheap Discount iPad Mini with Retina Display Review Specifications

iPad Mini with Retina Display

The new style of iPad mini has 2048x 1526 pixel retina display that the same with the larger iPad. The service that this iPad mini with retina display can give you is as fast as iPad air and iPhone 5S. In fact you can eventually call this as a clone of the new edition of iPad Air because it has exact specs of the said item. This is more expensive but it can be the perfect kind of smaller tablet that you can use and hold easily. This tablet can be the greatest one that will give you the best service ever.

iPad mini with retina display is expensive than the other brand of tablets but the money that you will pay for it is worth it. This tablet is much better than the others because the feature of this product is well improved. Another thing is the quality of this can be the factor that make this a little bit expensive than the other brand. This tablet has excellent high resolution displays that oppose the iPad Air’s. It has A7 processor that is much faster than the other processor and with improved LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. This tablet has battery life that’s better than the last year mini tablet.

The iPad mini with retina display can give you the best features that are very effective and useful to use.  This is the best tablet to use if you are kind of a busy person because of the benefits that it can provide you. This can be expensive for those people who have a very ample salary just for themselves. For you to get and buy this beautiful and well-improve tablet the best thing you can do is to save money every time you will have excess money. This is the best thing that will surely grant your desire to experience the amazing performance of this tablet.

For those who want to have a gadget that they can use in the very important event that is very manageable and convenient to use, this is the right gadget to choose. The iPad mini with retina display can give you the benefits that you need in your daily activities. The benefits that you can get in this gadget are priceless. It can be expensive but you really enjoy the service that it can give you. This is the right one if you want faster service that the other brands fail to give in their client. This is the one that can make you satisfy and give the best performance that you are looking ever since the tablet has been established.

The most wonderful kind of tablet is here now in iPad mini with retina display. This can give you the most reliable service that you are looking for a long time. The battery life of this tablet is also the best thing that will give you a wonderful feeling. This is a very useful tool that you can use in your daily activities. This tablet will never fail your expectation regarding to the benefits that you can get in this tablet.

Buy Price / Cost Cheap Discount Nexus 7 Review Specifications

The Small yet a Remarkable Tablet – Nexus 7

If you’re a fan of mini gadgets and interested to buy a small tablet, Nexus 7 can be the perfect fit for you. Fully equipped with outstanding features such as startling sharpness, sunny screen brightness and remarkable performance in gaming, this Google device only shows the finest and latest Android version in its generation.  With 16GB capacity and the price of $230, it is still a reasonable rate for a tablet that gives superlative performance although its $350 4G LTE version is better when compared to iPad Mini.

It may not be the cheapest small tablet among the top 10; Nexus 7 is still a must have gadget for anyone. This tablet does not have the iPad Mini’s big screen and don’t have Android 4.3’s functional features but it boast some very useful features such as a sharp screen that gives realistic colors and more lively images and provides absolute fast performance when browsing. To get to know more about Nexus 7, here are some of the highlight features;

Simple yet Elegant Design

Nexus 7 is considered to be the lightest small tablet so far. With its 0.64 pound and 4.5-inch width, it is the easiest tablet device to handle and carry around. Meanwhile the design is not graphic and color rich but the black color gives a unique edge. However, when it comes to grip and comfort, its former model the 2012 Nexus 7 still holds the crown. The smooth matte finish is not as good as the old version but a minor issue. If you use USB a lot to transfer files, perhaps it may be a little uncomfortable for you to use a rounded corner tablet with a Micro-USB port located at the bottom which is quite distracting when in landscape position. It has bezels on top and bottom, each have an inch in length. Meanwhile, it has a side bezel which is more compressed unlike its original version.

Latest Software Features

When it comes to software features, Nexus 7 boasts the latest Android 4.3 version which offers you the new structures like Bluetooth Smart, Multi-User Restricted Profile and OpenGL ES 3.0 Support. Android 4.3 provides a kid-friendly profile allowing you to set in such profile especially if you have kids who will also use your tablet. It will make limited access to apps not suitable for younger children to use. But this decision depends on the developer according to Google. The OpenGL ES 3.0 boost the multifaceted performance in terms of graphics and at the same time provides a better handling of effects like shadows, lens flares and other effects. And lastly the, Bluetooth Smart allows to connect to the latest Bluetooth device to send data.

Functional Hardware Features

Aside from its 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snap dragon S$ Pro System and Krait CPU quad core and 2GB RAM, Nexus 7 is now equipped with accelerometer, digital compass and gyroscope. Plus it has a SlimPort to allow HDMI use for Micro-USB port.

Fast Performance

With its bright screen, sharpness and easy to read texts, you will completely understand why it comes out on top of the list. It is the brightest and the most colorful tablet produced.

There are still remarkable and functional features of Nexus 7 to know. But if you want a tablet that’s small, updated, with multiple functional features and have crystal clear screen, Nexus 7 is the most suitable for your needs.