Auto Insurance Companies Cover Which Pranks With Your Car?

Soon, ghouls and ghosts will be overtaking your neighborhood. While several individuals simply want treats, there are few mischievous celebrators of Halloween who enjoy pranks. Halloween Spending Survey had conducted NRF (National Retail Federation) and found that nearly 158 million individuals in US plan participating in some manner. For instance, seventy percent of people between 18 and 24 years of age surveyed said they were planning wearing a costume this year. But haunted houses, pumpkins, parties, and costumes aren’t sufficient for few of those people. In case your car gets damaged due to mischievous act or by careless accident, are you covered for it? Yes, only if you are having correct car insurance cover for that event.

1. Broken car windows- whether an individual makes use of giant candy stick or bat for breaking window on your car, that would be covered under comprehensive coverage of yours. In Florida, if individuals make claim for their windshield, this would come without deductible being due. South Carolina and Kentucky car insurance providers waive deductible for all claims made for glass replacement. For all other states, deductible would normally be due in case car owners make glass claim unless they chose zero deductible for the glass coverage.

2. Slashed tires- comprehensive coverage also include tire damage. When individuals make claim, their auto insurance providers will consider to what extent their tires have been depreciated. Hence, individuals won’t end-up getting paid for setting new shoes in case one is replacing 5-year old tires that have already run for fifty thousand miles.

3. Egged vehicle-in case paint job of your car has damaged by volatile compounds present in eggs, you can easily claim it under “other than collision” cover that is also called comprehensive coverage. Suppose you get to car within time, you may try washing egg as well as prevent yourself from claim. In case damage has been done, then you shouldn’t be surprised in comprehensive coverage of yours isn’t covering full-vehicle paint job instead its covering just one area or part that has been damaged. Damaged area will get new paint that painters would try blending in with rest of older paint of the car. Those who are having custom paint job, it won’t be included till you are not having equipment and custom parts coverage mentioned in your policy.

4. Sugar in gas tank- in gas tank, sugar has been proved by researchers not to be nightmare but it’s alleged to be. Filters can catch sugar but in case if it’s not getting through, it can lead to clogging of fuel injectors. One may require taking their car to a mechanic for cleaning out fuel tank as well as lines that must be covered under the comprehensive cover.

5. Pumpkin chunkin’- in case pumpkin is thrown at your car that damages it, this will be considered flying missile as well as get covered under comprehensive coverage. In general, pranks are considered malicious mischief or acts of vandalism that are covered under comprehensive cover. It is physical damage coverage that also covers flying missiles, animal strikes, fire, theft, as well as damage resulting from some natural events such as wind and hail storms. Typically, car insurance providers require vandalism claims to accompany with police report. Hence, if it happens to someone whom you know has done the damage, that individual will be busted by police as well as pursued by insurance provider of yours for any money in claims it paid out.

It isn’t only pranks that will be covered

Halloween season can also result in some unexpected events that can be covered under car insurance policy of yours.

• Kids running into the car- in case kids are busy rifling via their candy bags as well as walk into the car or bang it accidentally with heavy candy bag of theirs sufficiently hard to leave mark, it can easily be claimed under collision.

• Black cat crossing the path- suppose, a cat is hit or some other wild/domestic animal gets hit and damages the car then it will be animal strike as well as covered under comprehensive coverage. In case of black cat running across road, spooking you as well as causing your car to crash into some tree, it would be covered under collision.

• Halloween decorations causing dents and dings- if inflatable pumpkin rolls down, breaks loose, and crashes into the car leading to dent, it is collision claim. But if Halloween decoration gets loose because of wild winds and becomes flying missile falling hard on your car hence damaging it, this will be comprehensive claim.

Irrespective of what sort of claim prank or Halloween incident falls under, I would suggest you saving car insurance of yours for bigger things. In case damage done to your vehicle is just minimal, get an estimate for all repairs so as to decide if it is lower than deductible amount of yours to repair. In case if it is, try skipping claim making. You can either find responsible party to make him pay or pay from your pocket.

In case costs of repair are more than your deductible, go ahead for making claims. Single comprehensive claims don’t raise your rates typically. However, in multiple claim cases- of any sort- it will cause rate increase or the car insurance provider of yours may even find client too much at risk of renewing policy at end of their terms.

Yet best, those who have garage should park their car inside especially on Halloween days where it’ll be safe and secure from black cats and malevolent ghosts.