Auto / Car Insurance Filing A Claim Tips

Being involved in a car accident will be stressful even though it is a minor one. While claim filing is quite stressful, it can be further stressful, intimidating or unpleasant experience primarily if one hasn’t ever been through process with their current auto insurance provider. Hence, here is a general idea as to what one must expect; perhaps going through this would put individuals in bit more ease position during the process.

Initiating car insurance claim

On the whole, car insurance providers have taken all steps to ensure process for claiming insurance is simple for clients. Though maximum insurers still allow calling on toll-free number as well as reporting their accident claims to centre or customer service representative, several of them now are providing you the option to file claim online via their website.

In order to file claim online, one may require logging in to web page of the insurance provider using username and password. Customers can also be asked to provide their social security number, policy number, or few other unique ways of identifying themselves prior to entering accident information. Once this is done, online system would guide you through the entire process.

For filing via phone, simply call on the number provided by insurer for filing the claim. Some representative of the company will walk customers through claims process by questioning you variety of questions.

Sort of details you will be asked to provide

Every insurer would ask for different kind of information but given here is a standard list of details that one can expect to answer. Prior to turning on computer or picking up the call, this should be there:

  • Police report number
  • Name of police department that is involved
  • Insurance information, license plate, address, and name for other parties involved
  • Description of how accident occurred
  • Accident location
  • Accident date
  • Policy number (that is found on insurance card)

Your carrier may ask you for some extra information but it will cover maximum of what is required. Ensure filing claim promptly post-accident, if possible.

Post filing auto insurance claim

Once the claim is filed, process varies based on insurer as well as type of claim. In case insurer of yours isn’t clear about what one must expect, you can ask more questions. Don’t forget, insurance holders pay their insurer exactly for the moments like this.

Generally, though the insurance adjuster can evaluate damage to car or question you so as to get few estimates. You can be questioned to take vehicle of yours to body shop that is approved by carrier of yours.

Based on the situation, you may get a call from other individual’s insurance company questioning you to offer your version of all that happened or verify your details.

In few cases, you must consider bringing counsel of attorney who specializes in personal injury field. These can be capable of expediting the procedure.