We are Californians from across the state that oppose this deceptive food labeling measure. We believe that the misleading Proposition 37 will unnecessarily raise food costs, hurt small businesses and farmers, create frivolous lawsuits, and saddle California with more bureaucracy and red tape.
California Farm Bureau Federation
American Farm Bureau Federation
Western Growers Association
Agricultural Council of California
Agricultural Retailers Association
Almond Hullers and Processors Association
Amador County Farm Bureau
American Agri-Women
American Feed Industry Association
American Meat Institute
American Pistachio Growers
American Seed Trade Association
American Soybean Association
American Sugarbeet Growers Association
Butte County Farm Bureau
California Association of Wheat Growers
California Agricultural Aircraft Association
California Bean Shippers Association
California Beet Growers Association
California Canning Peach Association
California Cattlemen’s Association
California Cotton Ginners and Growers Associations
California Grain and Feed Association
California Poultry Federation
California Seed Association
California Tomato Farmers
California Tomato Growers Association, Inc.
California Women for Agriculture
Corn Refiners Association
CropLife America
Fresno County Farm Bureau
Grower-Shipper Association of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties
Imperial County Farm Bureau
Independent Professional Seed Association
Kern County Farm Bureau
King County Farm Bureau
Monterey County Farm Bureau
National Aquaculture Association
National Corn Growers Association
National Grain and Feed Association
National Institute for Animal Agriculture
Nisei Farmers League
North Valley Ag Services
Pacific Egg and Poultry Association
Pacific Seed Association
Sacramento County Farm Bureau
San Benito County Farm Bureau
San Bernardino County Farm Bureau
San Diego County Farm Bureau
San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation
San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau
Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau
Southern California Agricultural Land Foundation
Stanislaus County Farm Bureau
Tehama County Farm Bureau
Tulare County Farm Bureau
Tuolumne County Farm Bureau
United Egg Producers
Western Agricultural Processors Association
Western Plant Health Association
Ventura County Agricultural Association
Yuba Sutter County Farm Bureau
Yolo County Farm Bureau

Ethnic Groups
California State Conference NAACP
Black American Political Association of California
Mexican American Political Association of San Francisco
Coalition United for Families
Council for the Spanish Speaking/El Concilio
Filipino Progress
Los Angeles NAACP
Gardena NAACP
Richmond NAACP
Riverside NAACP
San Jose/Silicon Valley NAACP
Emeryville NAACP
Vallejo NAACP

Ethnic Chambers
Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce
Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce
United States Latino American Chamber of Commerce
State of California Hispanic Chamber
San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Central Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Nicaraguan American Chamber of Commerce of Northern California
Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Antelope Valley Black Chamber of Commerce
Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles
Fresno Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Guatemalan American Chamber of Commerce
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Alameda County
Latin American & Caribbean Business Chamber of Commerce
Latino Engineers, Architects & Developers Society
Madera Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Kern County Black Chamber of Commerce
Riverside County Black Chamber of Commerce
Salvadoran American Chamber of Commerce
Slavic Chamber of Commerce
Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce
South Bay Latino Chamber of Commerce
Tulare Kings Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce

California Legislative Conference of the Plumbing, Heating and Piping Industry
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council

Civil Justice
California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
Civil Justice Association of California

California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance

Neighborhood Market Association
National Association of Convenience Stores
California Independent Grocers Association
California Grocers Association
Food Marketing Institute
Alhambra Market
Big Savor Foods
El Mercado de Los Angeles
Guadalupana Market
La Playa Market
La Tiendita Mecardo
Los 3 Gonzalez Market
Rancho San Miguel Markets
Mercado Hidalgo
Payless Foods
Trinca 99 Cent
Vallarta Supermarkets

Consumer Healthcare Products Association
American Council on Science and Health
Tulare County Medical Society
Council for Biotechnology Information
Biotechnology Industry Organization

Taxpayer Advocates
California Taxpayer Protection Committee
Orange County Taxpayers Association
Humboldt Taxpayer’s League
Kern County Taxpayers Association
San Diego Tax Fighters
Sutter County Taxpayers’ Association
Ventura County Taxpayers Association

California Small Business Association
California Chamber of Commerce
California Retailers Association
California Manufacturers & Technology Association
California Business Roundtable
California Service Station and Automotive Repair Association
Valley Industry & Commerce Association
United Chambers of Commerce
Southwest California Legislative Council
Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce
Brea Chamber of Commerce
Brawley Chamber of Commerce
Chambers of Commerce Alliance of Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties
Citrus Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce
Clovis Chamber of Commerce
El Centro Chamber of Commerce
El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce
Folsom Chamber of Commerce
Fresno Chamber of Commerce
Fullerton Chamber of Commerce
Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce
Greater Reedley Chamber of Commerce
Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce
Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce
Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber
Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce
Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
Indio Chamber of Commerce
Inland Empire Chamber Legislative Alliance
Lodi District Chamber of Commerce
Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles County Business Federation
Montclair Chamber of Commerce
Murrieta Chamber of Commerce
North Orange County Legislative Alliance
Orange County Business Council
Oxnard Chamber of Commerce
Palm Desert Area Chamber of Commerce
Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Placentia Chamber of Commerce
Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce
Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento Metro Chamber
Salinas Chamber of Commerce
San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce
Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce
Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce
Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce
South Bay Association of Chambers of Commerce
South Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce
Tulare Chamber of Commerce
Vista Chamber of Commerce
Yuba Sutter Chamber of Commerce

Food and Beverage Companies
Grocery Manufacturers Association
International Formula Council
California Automatic Vendors Council
American Bakers Association
American Beverage Association
American Frozen Food Institute
American Spice Trade Association
California League of Food Processors
Can Manufacturers Institute
Diana’s Mexican Food Products, Inc.
Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association
Frozen Potato Products Institute
Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils
Midwest Food Processors Association
National Seasoning Manufacturers Association
National Confectioners Association
National Frozen Foods Corporation
National Frozen Pizza Institute
Pet Food Institute
Research Chefs Association
Ruiz Foods
Snack Food Association
The Shelf-Stable Food Processors Association

Paul Berg, PhD, Nobel Laureate, Chemistry 1980; Cahill Professor of Biochemistry, Emeritus, Stanford University School of Medicine

David Baltimore, PhD, Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine 1975; President Emeritus, Robert Andrews Millikan Professor of Biology, California Institute of Technology

J. Michael Bishop, M.D., Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine 1989; Professor, Chancellor Emeritus, The G.W. Hooper Foundation, University of California, San Francisco

Roger Guillemin, M.D., PhD, Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine 1977; Distinguished Professor, Salk Institute for Biological Sciences

Sir Richard J. Roberts, PhD., F.R.S, Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine 1993; Chief Scientific Officer, Restriction Enzymes, New England BioLabs Inc.

Phillip A. Sharp, PhD, Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine 1993; Institute Professor, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bruce Beutler, M.D., Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine 2011; Regental Professor and Director, Center for Genetics of Host Defense, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Scientists and Academics
Roger N. Beachy, PhD, President, Emeritus Donald Danforth Plant Science Center; Former Director, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA; Member, U.S. National Academy of Sciences and Science Academy; Laureate, Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Nina Federoff, PhD, Distinguished Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST); Evan Pugh Professor, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Penn State University; recipient of National Medal of Science.

Bob Goldberg, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology University of California, Los Angeles & Member, National Academy of Sciences

Kent Bradford, PhD, Director, Seed Biotechnology Center, University of California, Davis

Pamela C. Ronald, PhD, Professor, Plant Pathology, University of California, Davis

Christine Bruhn, PhD, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis

Kevin M. Folta, PhD, Associate Professor, Horticultural Sciences Department, Graduate Coordinator, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Program, University of Florida

Bruce Chassy, PhD, Professor, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Christopher Leaver, PhD, CBE, FRS, FRSE, Emeritus Professor of Plant Science, University of Oxford

David Zilberman, PhD, Professor, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Roger Clemens, DrPh, Chief Scientific Officer, Horn; Immediate Past-President, 2012-2013, Institute of Food Technologists; Adjunct Professor, Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Southern California, School of Pharmacy

Judith Kjelstrom, PhD, Director, Biotechnology Program, University of California, Davis

C. S. Prakash, PhD, Professor, Plant Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology College of Agricultural, Environmental and Nutrition Sciences Tuskegee University, Alabama

Steve Kay, PhD, Dean of Biological Sciences, University of California, San Diego

Martina Newell-McGloughlin, D.Sc., Director, International Biotechnology Program, Adjunct Professor, Plant Pathology, University of California, Davis

Steven P. Briggs, PhD, Distinguished Professor, University of San Diego; Member, National Academy of Science

Denneal Jamison-McClung, PhD, Associate Director of Biotechnology Program, University of California, Davis

Julian Alston, PhD, Professor, University of California, Davis

Alison L. Van Eenennaam, PhD, Cooperative Extension Specialist, University of California, Davis

Charles S. Gasser, PhD, Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California, Davis

Paul Olin, PhD, Aquaculture Specialist, University of Sea Grant Extension Program, University of California, San Diego

Austin K. Mircheff, PhD, Professor of Physiology & Biophysics, University of Southern California

John I. Yoder, PhD, Professor, University of California, Davis

Eric E. Conn, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Plant Biochemistry, University of California, Davis

Richard Michelmore, PhD, Professor, University of California, Davis

Clark Lagarias, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry, University of California, Davis

Paul Olin, PhD, Aquaculture Specialist, University of California Sea Grant

Nicholas Spitzer, PhD, Distinguished Professor, University of California, San Diego

Martin Yanofsky, PhD, Distinguished Professor, University of California, San Diego

Susan Golden, PhD, Distinguished Professor, University of California, San Diego

Deborah Yelong, PhD, Professor, University of California, San Diego

James W. Golden, PhD, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Raffi V. Aroian, PhD, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Eduardo Macogno, PhD, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Mark Estelle, PhD, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Brian Ellis, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of California, San Diego

Timothy Baker, PhD, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Laurie Smith, PhD, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Suresh Subramani, PhD, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Maarten J. Chrispeels, PhD, Emeritus Distinguished Professor, University of California, San Diego; Member, National Academy of Sciences

Austin K. Mircheff, PhD, Professor of Physiology & Biophysics, University of Southern California

Munjal Acharya, PhD, Project Scientist, University of California, Irvine

Mark Warschauer, PhD, Professor of Education and Informatics, University of California, Irvine

Chris Baysdorfer, PhD, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, CSU East Bay

Peter John Davies, PhD, Professor of Plant Physiology, Department of Plant Biology, Cornell University

Anthony Shelton, PhD, Professor, Department of Entomology, Cornell University

Kassim Al-Khatib, PhD, Professor of Plant Science, Director of University of California IPM Program, Director of Western Region IPM Center, University of California

Shanthu Shantharam, PhD, Professor, Seed Science Center, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Robert Wager, M.Sc., Faculty, Vancouver Island University

Joseph R. Ecker, PhD, Professor Salk International Council Chair in Genetics, Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Investigator, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Donald P. Weeks, PhD, Maxcy Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Department of Biochemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Chavali Kameswara Rao, PhD, Professor, Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education

Jeremy Thorner, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics & Structural Biology, University of California Berkeley

Thomas Michael A. Wilson, PhD, Former CEO, Horticulture Research International; Former Head of Virology and Deputy Director, Scottish Crop Research Institute; Former Professor, Warwick University, Rutgers University

James A. Kennedy, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Viticulture and Enology; Director, Viticulture and Enology Research Center, California State University, Fresno

Art Parham, PhD, Fresno, CA

Katrina K. Hoyer, PhD, Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology, School of Natural Sciences, University of California, Merced

Gracia Zabala, PhD, Senior Research Specialist in Agriculture, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Piero Morandini, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Milan

Alejandro Chaparro Giraldo, PhD, Associate Professor, Universidad Nacional De Colombia

Duane P. Bartholowmew, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, University of Hawaii

Ronald M. McLaughlin, DVM, MS, Emeritus Professor, University of Missouri

Hector Quemada, PhD, Director of Biosafety Resource Network, Institute of International Crop Improvement, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Gary E. Vallad, PhD, Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, Plant Pathology Department, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, University of Florida

Kelly Vining, PhD, Faculty Research Associate, Oregon State University

Steve Savage, PhD, Principal, Savage & Associates

Vivian Moses, PhD, D.Sc, Professor, King’s College London

Michael Dow, PhD, Executive Director, Outreach in Biotechnology, Oregon State University

William Vencill, PhD, Professor, Department of Crop & Soil Sciences, University of Georgia

Monica Stein, PhD, Dean of Research, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

Chavali Kameswara Rao, PhD, Professor, Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education

Bruce O’Gara, PhD, Professor, Chair of Department of Biological Sciences, California State University, Humboldt

Wayne Parrot, PhD, Professor, Department of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia

Patrick S. Schnable, PhD, Baker Professor of Agronomy & Director of the Center for Plant Genomics, Iowa State University; Changjiang Professor at China Agriculture University

Bonnie R. Brayton, MA, Staff Scientist, University of Hawaii

G. Mikunthan, PhD, Professor in Agricultural Biology, University of Jaffna

Joan Huber, PhD, Program Coordinator, Professional Science Masters in Plant Biology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Navneet Kaur, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois

Steven H. Strauss, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Oregon State University

Jim Siedow, PhD, Professor of Biology, Duke University

John Byatt, PhD, Assistant Director, Office of Technology Licensing, University of Florida

John Hinchman, PhD, Director, Horticultural Science Department, University of Pennsylvania

Niu Dong, PhD, Research Scientist, Agricultural Research Service, USDA

Alan L. Kriz, PhD, Executive Director, Crop Commercialization, North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Robert Hollingworth, PhD, Professor, Michigan State University

Michael Barrett, PhD, Professor, Weed Science Society of America, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington

Robert Last, PhD, Professor, Michigan State University

Richard Sucgang, PhD, Associate Director of CIBR, Baylor College of Medicine

John W. Van Duyn, PhD, Phillip Morris Professor of Entomology, Emeritus, North Carolina State University

Benjamin Edge, PhD, Instructor, Tri-County Technical College

Michael Alvarez, MA, Director, Stanford University Medical Career Center

Dirk Dobbelaere, PhD, Professor, University of Bern

Ken Haynes, PhD, Professor, University of Exeter

Thomas R. DeGregori, PhD, Professor of Economics, University of Houston

Patrick Tranel, PhD, Professor, University of Illinois

Jiming Jiang, PhD, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.G. Finn, PhD, Professor, The Scripps Research Institution

Medical Doctors
Henry I. Miller, M.D., Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University*; Founding Director, Office of Biotechnology, FDA,
*Titles for identification purposes only

Suzanne S. Teuber, M.D., Professor of Medicine, University of California, Davis School of Medicine; Training Program Director, University of California, Davis Allergy and Immunology

Sherry L. Franklin, M.D., F.A.A.P., Diplomate American Board of Pediatric Endocrinology; President, San Diego County Medical Society; Pediatric Endocrinology, San Diego Medical Group, Inc.

Laurie Green, M.D., Obstetrician, Women’s health specialist; Past President, California Academy of Medicine; Founding Partner, Pacific Women’s OB/GYN Medical Group

Robert E. Hertzka, M.D., Physician, Anesthesia Service Medical Group, Inc.; Assistant Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology, University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine; President, San Diegans for Healthcare Coverage; Past President, San Diego County Medical Society; Past President, California Medical Association

James J. Strebig, M.D., F.A.C.P., Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine; Fellow, American College of Physicians; Clinical Instructor, University of California Los Angeles, School of Medicine; Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California, Irvine, College of Medicine; Active Medical Staff, St. Joseph Hospital; Courtesy Medical Staff, Regional Hospital and Medical Center, Irvine

Robert Hawkins, M.D, Retired Radiologists, University of Santa Barbara C.O.B.

Albert Rabinovitch, M.D., Pathologist, Novometrics, Inc.

Rasmus Kiehl, M.D., Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Gaurang S. Pandya, Medical Doctor; President, Tulare County Medical Society

Francisco G. Nobrega, PhD, MD, Professor Microbiology and Genetics, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lawrence Longo, M.D., Director of Center, Center for Perinatal Biology, Loma Linda University

John Metcalf, M.D., Chief of Pathology, TPMG Inc

Arnold Adicoff, M.D., FACP, FACC, FCCP, FSCAI, FAHA, Cardiologist, Internist

Verne Shull, Medical Doctor, Retired

Vera M. Muensch, M.D., Physician, Retired

Heda Carpenter, Medical Doctor, Retired

Daniel L. Azernoff, Medical Doctor, D. L. Azernoff Associates

Robert Bennett, M.D, Physician of Gastroenterology, Retired

Luigi Gentile, Medical Doctor, Retired

Helmut A. Muensch, M.D., Physician, Retired

Aarti Kulshrestha, Medical Doctor

Chip Splinter, Medical Doctor

Martin Galen, Medical Doctor

Martin Engel, Medical Doctor

Stanfell Boone, Medical Doctor, Retired

Frank Bruce, Medical Doctor, Retired

Myron Ganaian, Medical Doctor

James Redman, Medical Doctor

Glenn Miller, Medical Doctor

Quintous E. Crews, Jr, Medical Doctor

To download the full list of Nobels, Doctors, Scientists and Academics who support biotechnology and opposes Proposition 37, click here.

To download the full list of our Coalition, click here.

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