Genetically Modified Food: If the DNA of the organisms which produce food is modified by using the genetic engineering methods, the foods produced by these organisms are known as gmo foods. There has been a lot of controversy on the safety of such foods and their health effects. But till date there has been no case registered which can prove that these foods pose any threat to human health. If broad scientific census is taken into consideration, it is clear that the gmo foods have no greater no greater risk than any other organic or conventional food.

Increased Food Costs

Prop. 37 would add another layer of bureaucracy and red tape for food producers and increase food costs.

Unsupported by Science

Respected scientific and medical organizations throughout the world have concluded that biotech foods are safe.

Payday for Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers would line their pockets by filing frivolous lawsuits at the expense of the taxpayer.

Special Interest Exemptions

Prop. 37 is full of politically motivated exemptions to its requirements that make no sense.

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